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PTFE -based gasket materials are able to withstand significantly more aggressive chemical environments (including highly oxidizing environments) than standard non-asbestos gasket materials. However their temperature, pressure and mechanical performance is inferior to standard non-asbestos gasket materials.

Fields of application
Production of armature components for highly corrosive or heat-intesive enviroments, for the production of tubes, piston rings, membranes that are exposed to high temperature.
Its also using as thread tape Salixflon .


  • has very good electro-insulating properties
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • when the pressure load does not cross, but tends to "flow"
  • well resistant to weathering and microorganisms


Plates - Pure PTFE filled with complex inorganic fillers. Also extrusion PTFE .
Tapes - Wound on coil , ePTFE - expanded 


All types of shapes according to drawings .
Also simply in plates . 




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